Barbara Schriek – eigenaar van Yoga Hilversum

Mijn naam is Barbara en ik ben de eigenaresse van deze prachtige studio. Ik geef al les vanaf mijn 18e jaar. Dit begon met dans en later is daar yoga bijgekomen. In een periode dat ik niet helemaal mezelf was heb ik yoga ontdekt. Ik leerde wie ik ben, dat ik mezelf mocht accepteerde zoals ik ben en ook aandacht aan mezelf mocht besteden. Nog steeds volg ik zelf veel lessen, maar les GEVEN dat is wat ik het allerliefste doe. Alle kennis die ik afgelopen jaren heb opgedaan doorgeven aan anderen, zodat zij ook voelen wat ik voel als ik yoga beoefen.

Ik geef les aan zowel kleine als (hele) grote groepen. In Nederland heb ik de opleiding Power Yoga gedaan en mijn RYT 200 Teacher Training Hatha heb ik gehaald in Goa, India. Ik ben ‘moeder’ van twee kleine hondjes: Spyker en Bentley. Ik doe alles met heel veel liefde en passie en dat wil ik laten doorwerken in de studio.

Ik heb op grote events yoga gegeven, zoals Healthy Fest, Fitness Expo, Better Health Event. Nog steeds doe ik dat graag. Inmiddels organiseer ik zelf ook jaarlijks yoga- en sportretreats en maak ik online yoga programma’s.

docent_sarissa_vreeswijkSarissa Vreeswijk

I am Sarissa Vreeswijk mother of a beautiful daughter and live together with my partner in Hilversum. Since 2016 I teach at this nice yoga studio. On my 19th I started with yoga due to an injury. But since then I could not let go of yoga anymore and I have been given the opportunity to share my passion with others and you. I have followed yoga teacher trainings with Tonnie Goes, Brian Cooper, David Swenson, David Jacobs and Jürgen Muesel, Govinda Kay and Gert van Leeuwen. The biggest challenge that yoga gives me is to ensure that everyone in my class can participate regardless of their skill level and / or injuries. So what I love the most is also guiding the students and seeing them grow.

docent_kari_leiKari Lei

My name is Kari. I am a mother of 2 of beautiful boys and the wife of a handsome husband.  I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa, but prefer to consider myself a citizen of the world.  As a family we have lived in The Netherlands for 2.5 years and this feels home.

I began yoga to develop my flexibility and my stamina.  As I began to practise, I realised that I began to feel happier healthier.  This began my journey into a more holistic way of living.  I became more aware, more mindful and began cleaning my temple, my body.  I realised that, in my life, yoga can not be separated into the physical, the mind, the heart but that it is a completely unified state of being.  As I created more space within my joints, I realised that I had created more emotional space, more mental flexibility & I became available to more options.  I have had a strong Bikram practice for roughly 10 years.  More recently I began exploring other types of yoga.  I have developed a love of Vinyasa Flow and decided to train as a teacher in both Bikram and Vinyasa Flow. I am keen to continue learning and regularly attend training and workshops.

As a teacher, I would like to create a space for my students that is mindful, kind, spacious, patient and safe.  It is my privilege to guide you through your practise.

docent_sanja_dol-lazarevicSanja Dol-Lazarevic

I am Sanja Dol-Lazarevic and I have been enthusiastic and passionate about teaching yoga for a number of years, especially the ashtanga yoga has won my heart.

I am the mother of 2 young great boys and I really experience yoga as an enrichment on everything that life has to offer. I feel the affects on my life, connecting to my inner stillness, finding peace within – so that I can pass on this essential practice to others. Truly, bringing a balance between body, mind and spirit.

After studying nursing, I worked as a manager in healthcare for a number of years. But after the birth of my first son, I found out that my child’s upbringing was more important than a regular job from 9-17. So I stopped working and decided to to become a yoga teacher.  My yoga journey had already started as a student and now started to expand further. I followed a number of teacher trainings, workshops and retreats and started teaching.

I continue to expand my knowledge with in-depth trainings in Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, anatomy and Yoga philosophy. I completed my Intensive Teacher Training with Brian Cooper at Yoga Moves. I also regularly attend workshops and trainings with, among others, Petri Räisänen, Mark Robberts, Joey Miles, Clayton Horton and Govinda Kai. I am a regular student of Govinda Kai with whom I annually organize a number of workshops in Hilversum. I am also working on the intermediate series -Nadi Shodhana- of Ashtanga yoga with my teacher Joeri Roelandt, who is certified by Manju Jois.

In my classes I am always positive and enthusiastic and I take you along in your own yoga journey, with love, patience and fun.